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Damaged Hair Repair at Sassy Hair, Canberra

Our hair is our crowning glory, and all too often it can be a crown of thorns. Every one of us has had a bad hair day where it doesn’t matter how much hair spray you use and how many times you get the straighteners out, your hair still won’t just lie flat. Frizzy hair, dry and straw-like hair and a multitude of split ends are all signs that your hair is damaged. At Sassy Hair (leading hair salons in Canberra), we are champions when it comes to anything hair related. Whether it is hair perming or just getting a simple mens haircut in Canberra, we are the best.

Hair damage can happen in a number of ways. Perhaps you’ve been overzealous with the hair dryer or the curling tongs, submitting your hair to heat stress every day before you go to work. Perhaps you don’t condition as often as you should, or you’ve been a slave to the latest hair colour for too long and it’s left your hair feeling worse for wear. You might also have left it too long between trims which has left your hair with more split ends than strands or have a penchant for hair-bands which cause your hair to break higher up the strand leaving you with unruly wisps.

Whatever your hair problem, there is nothing that a hair repair session can’t fix. Hair repair treatments can help you bring life back to your hair and give you super soft, sleek and sensational hair after just one treatment.

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How Do We Repair Damaged Hair in Canberra

How we repair hair damage is dependent on how the hair was damaged in the first place. Many people are often worried that going to the hair salon for a hair repair session will see them leaving with far shorter hair than they went in with. We aren’t going to pull the wool over your eyes, in serious cases, this is the only real solution to getting healthy hair again. However, for most people, hair damage repair in Canberra isn’t a risk at all.

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We always recommend a trim when you visit the salon because a trim takes off the absolute minimum of hair but leave you with fresh ends. Many people suffer from split ends and try treatments or straightening or hair spray to try and tame them, but the real answer is, a split end will only keep splitting. It just needs to be cut to stop it from travelling further up the hair shaft and causing longer-lasting damage. This is the reason we recommend those regular trims so that the split ends you can’t see yet never become visible.

For heat or colour damaged hair, you are likely to have split ends so we would still recommend a trim to get your hair back to a healthy end. However, a specialised shampoo and conditioner can start the healing and hydrating process. Most damaged hair has lost its natural moisture that allows each strand to bounce so the way to repair this damage is to hydrate it again. A specially formulated shampoo and conditioner provide an excellent basis for getting hair feeling softer, but we follow up with leave-in masks and conditioners which are a real game changer when it comes to hair damage. After an intensive treatment with one of our specially formulated masks, we can finish the job with leave-in products which are designed to smooth the hair cuticle down, reducing frizz and dryness.

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After one of our intensive hair repair treatment sessions, you will hardly believe it’s still your hair!

Get in touch with us today! Whether you want something quick and easy for an evening out, or a more permanent hair colour styling, just pop into any of our Sassy Hair salons to have a chat.

Our aim is to create a warm, welcoming space allowing you to relax in comfort. We’ve worked hard to build a highly skilled team, passionate about their craft who enjoy bringing about the change you’re looking for.

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