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Hair Foils at Sassy Hair Canberra

Are you feeling tired of your hair style? Perhaps it needs an update, or maybe you want to try a bold new colour? Maybe it is just that you want to cover up some greys. Whatever the reason you want to explore a new style, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. You don’t need a reason to freshen up your look. Do it because you love it! At Sassy Hair (leading hairdressers in Canberra), our Canberra hair foils are something that we know how to put to good use. Now before you get too pepped up and run to the bathroom to start trying funky new colours, let us remind you that hair foils should only be used by professionals. That’s why you should be rushing to the phone to book yourself in with one of our professional hairstylists.

A professional stylist not only has the benefit of years of experience and training, but they will also be able to help you decide on colours, styles and techniques. You might want to have highlights, but your hair type might not be suitable for lightening and may need to be treated with a toner. You might also want to find a style that’s low maintenance after having it done and our hair stylists can advise on this. We don’t want you to leave our salon looking and feeling amazing, but with the knowledge that you can’t keep it up every day or can’t afford maintenance foils. Whether it is hair perming or just getting a simple mens haircut in Canberra, we are the best. Everybody deserves to have truly fabulous hair so come in and see a stylist and together you can work out what would suit you best.

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Why Use Sassy Hair Foil Service in Canberra

Hair foils in Canberra are a really common method of colouring the hair. Using the foil allows hairstylists to capture sections of hair, with complete control over the size of the section they’ve chosen. Unlike colouring the whole head, putting in highlights or low lights need to be done in sections over the head to give it that ‘born this way’ look. Foils can also be used to achieve a balayage effect. Rather than taking sections from different places and colouring the section from top to bottom, balayage is a beautiful fading effect from top to bottom across the whole head.

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A hair foil helps the colourant take to the hair. Our heads all give off heat and the foils act like tiny incubators on our heads, speeding up the dyeing process and also giving a lighter colour if your hair is dark. Using hair foils yourself at home can be messy and can easily result in a patchy finish or uneven sections. Having a professional hairstylist to do it also means that you can get the look without any of the hard work or the mess. You also have the benefit of a professional patch test to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions.

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Get in touch with us today if you feel like changing up your style. Whether you want something quick and easy for an evening out, or a more permanent hair colour styling, just pop into any of our Sassy Hair salons to have a chat.

If you’ve got any questions about hair foils with Sassy Hair or you just can’t wait to book in for an appointment, book yourself into our salon online today. We also provide other hair services which includes hair repair in Canberra & hair extensions.

Our aim is to create a warm, welcoming space allowing you to relax in comfort. We’ve worked hard to build a highly skilled team, passionate about their craft who enjoy bringing about the change you’re looking for.

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